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Welcome to ACLA Website design & IT services

Customer Support

>>> Priority support system <<<

Are you an existing Client?
Existing Clients can get faster response by contacting our Priority support system. We use a separate support system to ensure that both the customer and ACLA can log all enquiries and treat them in a timely and systematic manor.

What is the Customer priority support system?
Our support ticket system is a trusted software application (managed by ACLA) that allows us to manage and maintain lists of queries and any issues reported by our customers (in the form of “tickets”) that we can then treat on a one-to-one basis. This enables the customers of ACLA to track any enquiries made to us and for us to respond to all enquiries and trace if we have any issues with our services etc.

How does this system work?
Customers simply log-in to our support centre, leave us their message and when we respond they will receive an email with answers to their questions. In brief, support tickets and support ticket systems work together to ensure that customers’ queries are resolved, and their needs are met.

This ensures that we can monitor how we are doing and will also help us to improve our services in the future (if the need arises).