Welcome to ACLA Website design & IT services

Welcome to ACLA Website design & IT services

IT Management services

Domain Names

Our Domain name registering service prices are competitive and we only use accredited registrar services.
If you already own your domain name or wish to purchase a new dot IE (or dot COM, NET, EU etc…) name, we can go either way.
It may be wise to protect your business brand by registering many domain endings to keep others from using them and reducing your own brands’ identity. Something to think of!

IT services


This is essential
Once we have created your brilliant new website and when you are happy with it you will need to think about where it is going to be hosted.
We will research what is best for your needs (& budget) and then put together a package of services for you. Our chosen hosting packages are also very competitive. We only use tried and tested hosting companies that deliver a guaranteed service and uptime for your new website. We will then arrange an agreement for you and after acceptance we will arrange and carry out all of the background work to transfer your new website and associated files, folders and software to the chosen server host. Once your host space has been created we will then arrange for your domain name to be directed to point to your webspace.
Various hosting packages are available, all offering different levels of service and reliability.
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Website Management

Unfortunately, most websites have to be maintained and protected from server failures, hackers, malware, software updates etc.
We offer a range of IT management services which ensure that you have 100% peace-of-mind and a problem-free experience.
ACLA IT services offer a full package of services to manage your new website through our tried and trusted partners.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Basically it means added services hidden in code that are provided behind the scenes to get your website in a better place in search-engines such as Bing, Google, Duck Duck Go, Dogpile etc. The right SEO can get you ahead of your competitors in search results.
It is no good having the best looking website in the world only to find out that potential customers can not find you in search engine listings.
Want to find out more about how ACLA can help raise your search engine results?

Business Email account set-up and management service

A business email address that includes your own domain name is best. It promotes your company name and brand instead of the name of a free email service provider.
A custom business email address helps to establish credibility, build trust, and promote your brand.
Don’t give your customers the impression that you are just a @any-old-thing, get yourself credibility with a @your-domain email address. You can then arrange to have different sections of your company their own professional names such as say Accounts@, Enquiries@, Sales@ etc.
With our Email management service we can set this up for you. We can also manage regular backups of all emails and therefore protect your company security as well as you fulfilling your now legal obligation to protect your customers data.

Troubleshooting and Tech Support

Business owners who have a lot of other things on their plate rarely have time to keep up with the latest developments in website security.
Our peace-of-mind Technical Support package is very reasonably priced and essential if you rely on continuity of services etc.
This is one of the most important website management services we offer.
Businesses also expect their websites to run smoothly 24/7- 365 days a year. However, errors are often unavoidable.
Being able to act fast, troubleshoot and rectify any issues as quickly as possible, along with having the security that we offer in keeping the website in tip-top shape is invaluable.

Some Troubleshooting and Tech Support services that we offer include:

  • SSL/TLS certificate monitoring
  • Daily Backups
  • Website monitoring (speed and downtime)
  • Security monitoring
  • Security updates
  • Essential analytics report (delivered monthly)
  • Bandwidth monitoring
  • Track keyword rankings
  • If you need reliability and security for your website then-

Social Media Management

In today’s marketplace it is imperative to be seen if you want to succeed. However, social media does not start and end with just Facebook! Social media advertising can help businesses thrive, but only if they put in the time to create content, share it, and time their posts well.

When your new website is online we can then look into pushing it on all social media platforms, thus increasing your online presence.
If you have the time & knowledge then you could do this yourself (or perhaps allocate one of your employees!). Can you rely on the fact that it is being carried out regularly and correctly though and in a cost-effective manner! This area ican be highly time consuming and is definitely something that all businesses (however large or small) should consider.
That’s where we at ACLA come in – We can take this burden off of your shoulders by doing it all for you.

Some Social Media Management services that we offer include:

  • Daily posting on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Engage with followers (potential customers)
  • Scheduled posts that go up at the ideal time
  • Monitor channels to track growth
  • Share relevant content etc.

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